My name is Mark. I'm an actor. And I'm really into woodworking. 

It all started when I was a kid and my parents would ship me and my twin brother off to Minnesota for a part of the summer to spend time with my grandparents. We played cards and went to the Mall of America, but my grandpa would take time with me to share his obsession: woodworking.

An accomplished amateur, my grandpa was so into this stuff he helped make period replicas for Colonial Williamsburg. His work was complicated and exacting, but also ornate and from an old style with thick lacquer finishes. Looking back, I realize that even though it may not be my style, his passion for woodworking stuck and is in my blood. 

I started with just a lathe which I inherited from my grandfather after he passed away. I learned turning from him and I continue to be obsessed with it, spending hours at his old Power-Matic. The skills he taught me and the tools he left me have guided the kind of work that I make: stool, hollow forms, and simple objects for the home. As I increase my technique, my pieces get more complex and more ambitious, but I like to follow my own sense of style and practicality. I don't like to work on commission. Rather, I make objects that I think are beautiful or contain techniques I'm interested in practicing. You'll find pieces that represent that on this website. 

You can find more info about me as an actor here.

I also run a non-profit that provides space and time for artists around NYC. It's called MAKEHOUSE.

Thanks for reading,